Exploring Muscle Car Ranch with Pete and Tim of Another Epic Journey!

Yellow Jeep with Rooftop Tent at Muscle Car Ranch - Night Spotlight

Discovering America’s Heartland with Pete and Tim of Another Epic Journey

Unveil the beauty of America’s heartland through the lens of Pete and Tim’s incredible journey with Another Epic Journey. Their adventure brought them to the iconic Muscle Car Ranch in Chickasha, Oklahoma, providing a perfect backdrop for Twisterfest’s magic.

Muscle Car Ranch: Where Stories Rev Up

Nestled in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Muscle Car Ranch is more than a collection of cars; it’s a living testament to automotive history. Every vehicle carries a story, and Pete and Tim captured that essence with their journey.

Pete and Tim: Cousins on a Quest

Pete and Tim of Another Epic Journey

Bound by heritage and a shared spirit of exploration, Pete and Tim ventured across America. Pete, a retired project manager, and Tim, a seasoned white-water rafting guide, found their haven at Muscle Car Ranch.

Another Epic Journey Meets Twisterfest

Their journey, aptly named “Another Epic Journey,” unveiled the heart of America. From the Gulf of Mexico to the heartland, they captured the essence of the open road. Twisterfest and Muscle Car Ranch stand as beacons of the American spirit, and their stories intertwine.

Another Epic Journey Business Card

Follow Their Epic Journey

Stay tuned to Another Epic Journey’s YouTube channel and Facebook page for a firsthand look at their adventures. Witness the synergy between Twisterfest and Muscle Car Ranch through their eyes.

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