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Oklahoma is a state full of culture, history, and talent. With the growing metropolitan areas and expanding growth of the arts, now more than ever is a perfect time to come together for beauty in an array of senses.Twister Fest mission has been to brings together some of the amazing talent and culture that Oklahoma has to offer. Showcasing everything that makes this state great and what is up and coming has been our passion for the last 3 years. We are very excited about this year and we hope you join us for all the fun!

About The Muscle Car Ranch

Muscle Car Ranch has hosted a plethora of music events in the past, with acts such as Jefferson Starship, Ambrosia, Dr. Hook, The Turtles, Lovin’ Spoonful and so much more! Curtis Hart, owner of Muscle Car Ranch has spent years turning his 64 aces of land into an amazing festival ground with multiple stages showcasing artists like Ambrosia, John Ford Coley, Player and more! This year’s line-up is featuring 75 different bands from all over the state! Check out the full schedule on our line-up page.

A Winter to Remember

A winter to remember for me started digging and at night every night for 9 months straight one day off..this silted in pond one of four lakes that are on the muscle car ranches near 80 acres with the addition the new 17 Acres and 4 acre lake. Fall of 2014, by night Earth work the day I was planting 70 telephone poles 9 foot deep so I could Frame Up using all double and triple Bridge plank 3 x 12 Timbers for the frame larger beams went down the center of the main floors 21 poles are in the main floor area look closely on the satellite image you can see Shadows of the polls from the south side shadowing in toward the middle. Structure ended up being about 112 by 20 most of the boards are 1920s Bridge plank from the Hollis Oklahoma Red River Bridge. Each pile of dirt you see was approximately 10 Scoops front end loader of the backhoe in this picture I was about 1/4 finished digging ended up with 7500 yards of material removed around four acres of dump truck piles. This job took me 16 hours hours a day for almost 9 months pretty much by myself until the floor in which Gary Lawrence and Wes Hallmark got them some, retrieval of materials which my Son Nick Hart was continuously in on. Planting the large telephone poles in the 9-foot deep slots dug by the backhoe was also my son Nick and Kenneth Taylor. This turned into being one of our favorite staging areas for music and our Twister Fest Music Festival first weekend of June welcome to Power Generation Station Dock at the Muscle Car Ranch which was ready for the first annual Twister Fest late June 2015 the lake filled up one week before the event which we felt was a good sign!

Newest Stage

The singer-songwriter stage will be the last of five permanent stages to have a unique top (1)Crossroads, (2)Power Generation Station dock, (3) Mach 1 Mesa, (4) Bridge Out, (5) TrailBoss Amphitheater.. my son stops by and helps me thanks Nick Hart

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